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      Group and yancheng industrial college signed the school-enterprise strategic cooperation agreement

      Release time:2019-10-11 14:57:51      hit count:1868

      On the afternoon of October 15th, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between jiangsuserke group and yancheng industrial vocational and technical college was held in the college. Jiang suserke group executive President sun deming, recruitment specialist wang huifang, training specialist zhang qiang, school President jiang pengming, vice President qu caixin, deputy secretary of the department of textile wang yiqun and other school heads attended the signing ceremony. Sun deming and qu caixin respectively signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both units.

      On signing ceremony, the leader of unit of both sides made enthusiastic speech and speech respectively. Peng-ming jiang expressed warm congratulations for the signing of the agreement, the jiang seuss's group to give strong support expressed heartfelt thanks to the school, said the school will depend on the strategic cooperation opportunity, continuously promoting yancheng institute of technology of profession of industrial development, establish a professional textile characteristics, make new breakthroughs in the scientific research development, and give full play to the advantages of school resources and talents, intelligence, active service jiang seuss, group's development. In his speech, jiang pengming said that yancheng vocational and technical college has distinctive teaching features, closely follows the pace of The Times and the needs of social development, aiming to cultivate a group of talents who meet the requirements of enterprises, integrate enterprise culture into them, and sublimate students' inner quality. At the same time, with jiangsuserke group as the demonstration point, we will build a teaching team with strong scientific research force through mutual recruitment of teachers and entering enterprises. Sun deming focused on the specific cooperation between our group and the school in order training, practice base construction, named class talent training, scientific research and teacher cooperation. According to the requirement of rapid development, jiangsuserke group will carry out all-round cooperation with the school to realize the long-term goal of common development.

      Jiang seuss's group, with the expansion of the scale, the demand for talent is increasing, the group through multi-channel personnel training mode, maintain a long-term contact with various textile colleges and universities, the yancheng institute of technology of profession of industrial strategic cooperation agreement with the contract, is to deepen cooperation between colleges and promoting the construction of the textile industry one of the great important measures, for the group to further educational system and mechanism innovation, improve the quality of talent training plays a positive role in promoting.





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